California Wills Attorney
California Wills Attorney

California Wills Attorney

Helping Individuals in Los Angeles and the Surrounding Area Draft Wills and other Estate Planning Documents

The primary purpose of a will is to ensure than an individual’s real property, personal property, and other assets are divided according to a person’s specific wishes upon his or her death. If a will has not been prepared prior to the decedent’s death, then the decedent’s property will likely be divided in accordance with the probate court’s decision. At the Furubotten Law, APC, our California Wills attorney can assist you with carefully drafting a will that accounts for all of your property and other assets.

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Requirements for a Valid Will

In order for a will to be valid in the State of California, it must be signed and written by someone who is of the age of majority (18 years old or older), who is of sound mind, and who is qualified to draft a will.

Moreover, for the will to be valid, at least two witnesses must be present during the signing. Although holographic wills – or handwritten wills – are recognized in California, there are some additional requirements that must be satisfied.

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